Inspecting The Inspector Instruction Sheet

ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors)
Click Here For The ASHI Inspector List

Key the last name, zip code, or company name in the Advanced Search box. This list includes both Members and Candidate Members.

Candidates are not full members and therefore are not compliant with the law unless directly supervised by a full member. The exception to this is Candidate Members who have completed 100 inspections, have passed the National Home Inspectors Examination, and have met other membership requirements. These inspectors meet the experience requirements of the ‘PA Home Inspection Law’. They are provided an affidavit letter from ASHI. 

The PRO-ASHI Chapter (the local ASHI Chapter) requires Chapter Members to name PRO-ASHI as a ‘Certificate Holder’ to verify the Pennsylvania mandated insurance coverage. 

NAHI (National Association of Home Inspectors)
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Key the last name, zip code, or company name. 
CRI and Regular Members are compliant with the law. Associate Members must be directly supervised by a CRI or Regular Member. This association will also accept phone calls at 
(800) 448-3942 to confirm the status of a member. 
There is no confirmation of the PA Insurance requirement by NAHI. 

AII (American Institute of Inspectors)
Click Here For The A.I.I. Member List 

Click on the tab Locate an AII Inspector. Then, key in the first three numbers of the zip code. 
There is no confirmation of the PA Insurance requirement by AII. 

Pennsylvania Certified Pest Applicator
This certification is required by the September 2005 release of the A/S –R PAR forms. This is on lines 240 through 243 as follows: 

  • (A) Within the Contingency Period. Buyer at buyer's expense may obtain a written "Wood-Destroying Insect Infestation Inspection Report from an inspector certified as a wood-destroying pests pesticide applicator and will deliver it and all supporting documents and drawings provided by the inspector to Seller.

  • According to David M. Scott of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture; “You can check an applicators certification status at PA Certified Pesticide Applicators . Then key in the certification number and last name. The certification number is the six (6) digit number you’ll find on the ‘Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report’ (form NPMA-33). 

Pennsylvania State Certified Radon Testing & Mitigation Services
Go to the link below and click on the word “Testers” or “Mitigators” to check the lists.
No professional radon services are to be provided by any person not on these lists. 
Click Here For Lists of Certified Radon Service Providers